Study Abroad - UK

Why Study in UK?

For many ages UK has been a dream destination for scholars and students. The universities and colleges in UK hold a remarkable reputation for its high standard education system. UK is also a land where researchers can flourish as UK has been a patron of knowledge and wisdom from ancient times itself. The universities and colleges here have the most modern amenities and follows highly upgraded teaching and assessment methods.

UK keeps the door open for those who are creative and want to learn innovatively in an independent environment. Students are encouraged understand the subjects in its full breadth and width using their own effort and intelligence. The excellent support from the faculties with a professional approach helps students to develop their skills and capabilities. The institutions provide services like academic counsellors, foreign student societies, social activities etc.

Affordable Education

The course expenses in UK are not too high compared to the advantages it brings to the career. International companies always give preference to students who are graduated from universities from UK. Ample scholarships are offered to students.Students can also avail discount facilities National Union of Students.

Plentiful of Universities and colleges are located in UK with a vast choice of subjects from which the student can easily choose the right program He/She wants. Exposure to a world of multi ethnicity will gift a new learning experience to the student that will make him competent enough to work anywhere in the world.

Explore your future

There are various types of certifications offered in UK such as University, Open University, College, Open College, College of Technology, College for Teacher Training and Institute. Different courses and degrees are given in Post Graduate Certification and Diplomas, Master degrees and multiple Research programs.

"Focuz" is all you need

At Focuz, we can promise you to offer authentic program information as we closely work with many reputed program providers in UK; our specialists will aid you to follow the preferred program at the right institution suiting your qualification, specialization and funds.

We provide inclusive services that range from university or college screening, students counseling, travel and finance support, application procedures and follow-ups, guidance and support on visa documentation, pre-departure sessions etc. We can also aid you for arranging the accommodation and fulfill other post landing requirements with the support of our Associates and experts in UK. We share a strong professional relation with the most of the leading education centers in UK specifically with those who offer beneficial programs for foreign students. We can assist you with the language training programs like IELTs, OET, TOEFL and PTE as well.

With the experience in recruiting students to UK for the past several years we are confident that we can equip student to prosper his career in the best possible way.

General Information

Capital - London.
Largest City – London.
Language - English
Official Currency  - Pound sterling (GBP)
Climate - The temperature varies with the seasons seldom dropping below −11 °C (12 °F) or rising above 35 °C (95 °F).
Intake - September / October. Some universities offer intake in January / February

Education Costs

Programs available in UK range from Foundation courses to Degree, Diploma, Certification and Masters Programs with duration differed from 1 to 4 years. The Tuition fees for these courses are different from 4950 GBP to 13000GBP per year or Rs. 512568 to Rs. 1346140. Scholarships of 500 to 2500 GBP will be offered to eligible candidates.

An average estimate of Tuition Fee(approx): 
One year program - Tuition Fee will be 4950GBP to 13000GBP or Rs. 512568 to Rs. 1346140
Two year Program - Tuition Fee will be 9900GBP to 26000GBP or Rs.861300 to Rs.2262000 
Three year program - Tuition Fee will be 14850GBP to 39000GBP or Rs.1291950 to Rs.3393000

Living Cost.

The total living cost for an International student in UK will come around GBP7000 to GBP9500 per year that covers house rent, food, transport, personal expenses and other various expenses. This amount varies depending on the life style of the student and the type of accommodation he/she chooses.

Universities & Institutions.

Focus holds reputed association with more than 100 educational institutions in UK and other countries. Furnished below is a list of Universities and Colleges that are usually preferred by foreign students for their quality of education and reputation. With the power of our worldwide network we can promise to offer you any course anywhere you like.