Major Courses Offered

EduFocuz Global Education offers a wide and extensive array of courses at leading universities across the globe. The courses ranges from diploma programmes to under graduate programmes to doctorate programmes. Some of the major courses popular among international students are Engineering courses, MBA courses, Health, Medicine & Veterinary Study courses, Architecture and Building courses, Hotel, Food & Tourism courses, Business & Management (Non-MBA courses), Creative Arts, Design and Communication courses, Computing & Information Technology courses and Science courses.

Engineering Courses

Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Maritime Engineering

MBA Courses

Both executive and regular MBA programs are offered.

Health, Medicine & Veterinary Study Courses

Medical Studies Courses, Nursing Courses, Pharmacy Courses, Dental Studies Courses, Optical Science Courses, Veterinary Studies Courses, Public Health Courses, Radiography Courses, Rehabilitation Therapies Courses, and Complementary Therapies Courses

Architecture and Building Courses

Architecture Courses, Urban Design and Regional Planning Courses, Landscape Architecture Courses, Interior and Environmental Design Courses, and Building Courses  

Hotel, Food & Tourism Courses

Hospitality Courses, Tourism Courses, Food and Culinary Courses, and Personal Services Courses

Business & Management (Non-MBA Courses)

Marketing, Accounting Courses, Business and Management Courses, Sales and Marketing Courses, and Banking and Finance Courses  

Creative Arts, Design and Communication Courses

Performing Arts Courses, Visual Arts and Crafts Courses, Graphic and Design Studies Courses, and Communication and Media Studies Courses

Computing & Information Technology Courses

Formal Language Theory Courses, Computer Programming Courses Computational Theory Courses, Compiler Construction Courses, Algorithms Courses, Data Structures Courses, Networks and Communications Courses, Computer Graphics Courses, Operating Systems Courses, Artificial Intelligence Courses, Conceptual Modelling Courses, Database Management Courses, Systems Analysis and Design Courses, Decision Support Systems Courses, and Security Science Courses  

Science Courses

Mathematical Science Courses, Physics and Astronomy Courses, Chemical Science Courses, Earth Science Courses and Biological Science Courses