Study Abroad - Canada

Why Study in Canada!

Canada is one of the richest nations in the world and has been hosting more than 180,000 International students in a year. The high quality education, abundant resources and the career opportunities attract people from different parts of the world to Canada.
Canada has been consistently ranked by the UN as the number one country to live in.

Affordable Education

Compared to the institutions in other countries Canadian Institutes, charge less tuition fees but maintain exceptional educational quality. Since the education is inexpensive the admissions are more competitive.

Start your education in Canada with valuable information on everything you need to know,from study permits and cost of living and education,details related to visas and other legal formalities and what student life in Canada is all about.

Quality Education

A Degree/Diploma from a Canadian Institute is recognized worldwide. International students who graduate from Canadian Institutions enjoy successful and prosperous careers.

A safe campus and an Exciting Lifestyle.

There safety measures taken to safeguard the students everywhere in the campus. Most universities have 24 hr security inside the campus.
Campuses in Canada offers you immense opportunities for learn and leisure. They have the most advanced infrastructure and facilities and special programs like Student government, campus radio etc. will give you exciting experiences.

Work during and after and co-op programme

Students in Canada are permitted to work within the campus for the first 6 months and after that they can work off campus for part time. After the completion of the 1 year program the students can work up to 1 year and for students completing 2 years programs the working period will be 2-3 years.

Canadian Immigration with Permanent Residency

International students will be qualified for Permanent Residency once they complete 15 to 18 months within Canada and they need to meet the basic eligibility criteria of 67 points as well.

All you Need is EduFocuz, a company dedicated to help you.

With EduFocuz, we can assist you with reliable information on different programs with the support of our associates in Canada. With the guidance of our experts, you will find it easy to identify the suitable program for you and the respective institution. Spot admissions and scholarship examinations are conducted often by the Universities or colleges and the students with top scores will be entitled to admission with minimum fees.
EduFocuz also extends services to the students such as:

  • Screening of Institutions.

  • Assistance to complete the application process and its follow-ups.

  • Guidance and support on Visa documentation through our specialists in Visa department.

  • Pre-departure briefing.

  • Arrangements for accommodation and other post landing requirements.

  • Migration Support to students in organization with Migration Attorney in Canada.

As part of preparing our students to move to Canada, EduFocuz is providing language proficiency courses like IELTS, TOEFL, OET and PTE. These courses use highly advanced training modules to enhance the English fluency of the students so that they can perform well in the admission process.

EduFocuz takes pride in the number of students we have supported to complete programs in various streams from different Universities and Colleges in Canada. They have indeed achieved their goals and are leading prestigious lives. It is a pleasure for us to realize that we have also played a role in making their life better.

General Information

Capital - Ottawa.
Largest City – Toronto.
Best cities to live - Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.
Language - English, French.
Official Currency  - Canadian Dollar (CUD)
Climate - Varies from temperate in South to Sub-Arctic and Arctic in the north.
Time Difference Toronto - 10 hours 30 minutes behind IST
Intake - September /January

Course Fee

Canada has got plenty of programs for students from various streams. Types of certification courses ranges from Certificate, Diploma, Advanced diploma, Bachelors Degree, Post Graduate Diplomas and Certificates, Masters Degree and Doctorate or PhD. The duration of these programs varies from 1-3 years. Tuition fees may differ from 10000 CAD to 24000 CAD per year or Rs. 562026 to Rs. 1348862. Meritorious student can avail scholarships.

An average estimate of the Fees excluding scholarships (approx):
One year program - Tuition Fee 10000CAD to 24000CAD or Rs. 562026 to Rs. 1348862
Two year Program - Tuition Fee 20000CAD to 48000CAD or Rs. 112405 to Rs. 2697724
Three year program - Tuition Fee 30000CAD to 72000CAD or Rs. 168607 to Rs. 4046587

Total Living Expense

The total living cost for an International student in Canada will come around 10000CAD to CAD12000 per year that covers house rent, food, transport, personal expenses and other various expenses. This amount varies depending on the life style of the student and the type of accommodation he/she chooses.

Universities & Institutions

Focus holds reputed association with more than 100 educational institutions in Canada and other countries. Furnished below is a list of Universities and Colleges that are usually preferred by foreign students for their quality of education and reputation. With the power of our worldwide network we can promise to offer you any course anywhere you like.

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