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Career Guidance

Our expert counselors conduct personal guidance program – one-to-one counseling – assessing students’ aptitude, passion and financial background to assist them in choosing the most promising career.

Tests Preparation and Guidance

Our expert coaching staffs prepare the students for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, GRE and SAT and assist them in delivering top-notch performance in these tests.

Admission Support

Before submitting the admission application, our expert panel scrutinizes every document in detail that is part of the application and proper recommendations are made wherever necessary to ensure an error-free and well-presented application from the students.

Finance Aid

We support our students in getting educational loans, without many hassles at the most competitive rates. Our advisors help students with the entire process of securing the loan with appropriate guidance.

Who We Are

EduFocuz Global Education is committed to make overseas education services available to students from different walks of life. We provide consultation on different education avenues that suits each student leading him to a promising career.

Our extended experience as a global education consultant has widened our reach globally. This has enabled us to know the pulse of the education field worldwide and its changing trends. Thus we can support our students with the most updated information in each country and to advise them on the best opportunities with a futurist approach.

It took us years to reach where we stand now. With a vast network of education institutions all over the world and a dedicated team of staffs we could help notable number of students to successfully complete their education overseas. We strongly believe that it is nothing but our unfailing commitment and relentless hard work that made this possible.

Our mission

Ensure equal opportunity for all students to upgrade themselves with overseas education.

Education is the right of a child and he/she should be offered a platform form to practice this right anywhere in the world. We stand for supporting such students who have high ambitions about their career and are willing to work for it. Thus we want to make sure that every student is offered with equal opportunity to fulfil his aspirations.

We take it as our responsibility to instill proper awareness in students and parents before regarding education abroad and its possibilities. Without proper guidance they will not be able to take the right step or may even hesitate to continue with their decision. Hence we have been trying to generate proper awareness in this area with the assistance of our network groups to eliminate all the misconception regarding studying abroad.

Each day we have students at our office to enroll themselves for various programs in different countries. Every hour we are receiving lot enquiries regarding the education programs from many parts of Kerala. This is obviously a positive change in the mind set of our people.

Our Values

   Transparency - Any kind of services meant for people’s welfare will not be genuine without transparency. Hence we always upheld transparency as the key
   value of our business. At each stage we let our students and parents know about the in and out of the process and clarify their doubts before we move ahead.

   Professional Ethics - We adhere to professional ethics without any compromise or exceptions.

   Quality Services - Quality is our key to excellence and again there is no compromise! In whatever we do we try to give the best and our bench marks
   set are very high.

   Excellence - We are well aware the goodwill and trust we have gained is because of the excellence we have maintained all these years in our services and
   products. Right from the beginning when a student enrolls till he settles in his education, each detail is taken care of without any flaw.

   We are still eager to continue this journey by expanding our services to many more areas and to help many more students to achieve their goals in life.

What Our Customers Say

EduFocuz Provided me a chance to make my dream come true, with the help of Edufocuz i am now a student of Robotics Engineering in london.

John Varghese